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I have something to share with you. During this global pandemic I wrote and sold my first book with Rowman & Littlefield publishers.

I’ve been leading arts organizations and teaching arts management for 25 years now and I’ve always wanted a great guidebook for managing arts organizations but could never find one – so I wrote it.

Managing Arts Organizations launches January 15 and includes chapters on everything from fundraising to following founders, case studies on recent issues in the arts, and great conversations with arts leaders from across the U.S. It’s meant to serve arts leaders, early career professionals, and students studying arts management at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Managing Arts Organizations is for everyone who hungers to serve the world around them.

It’s available for preorder now here and also via my local bookstore, Battenkill Books here. If you preorder from Battenkill Books, I’ll sign your copy.  

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  • Flavio Gaete says:

    Hi David,

    I bought your book Managing Arts Organizations and I started reading it and find it very valuable, so thanks for it! I wanted to access the electronic documents that were mentioned in the book (I’m currently looking at the first budget diagram, table 4.1 “Big Dance Producing Budget”), that’s how I landed here but couldn’t find the resources on the website?

    I work for a relatively young theater company in NYC, New Place Players (, which is JUST getting registered as a non-profit (before now it’s been a love project funded by the artistic director directly). We focus on Shakespeare plays which we present in intimate spaces (no fourth wall, an audience of around 50 people for now, almost ‘on stage’, etc.). We just finished a run of Othello with some critical success though at a financial loss in the end (it was expected, as the funds were again fronted by the artistic director); but now we’re beginning the adventure of forming a non-profit, raising funds and achieving financial stability while trying to get an ongoing season of performances running, etc.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the book!

    Thank you,

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