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The Berkshire Eagle again did a great job previewing our upcoming show, this time for I Am My Own Wife This article even features a message from the award-winning playwright, Doug Wright, to our actor, Rylan Morsbach.  Here’s a quote from the wonderful article by Telly Halkias:

“Reached in Burgundy, France via social media personal message, Wright said that the enduring quality of “I Am My Own Wife” gives him a deep sense of gratification past all the awards and accolades.

Wright also had a message for Morsbach.

‘Every wonderful actor who tackles the role carries a piece of my soul,” Wright said. “I know it’s a mammoth undertaking and I’m so grateful. Creative artists everywhere are helping to keep the legacy of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf alive.'”

Thank you, Doug.  And thank you, Telly Halkias, Writer, and Jeff Borak, Arts Editor for The Berkshire Eagle, for another amazing job helping us make art and community happen.

The show opens tomorrow night, Friday, March 8 at 7:30 pm and runs through March 17.   Please join us!



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