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Faculty Feature: The Joyful, Generous Lindsay Shaner

Lindsay Shaner joined our faculty two years ago and has had a tremendous impact ever since.  Kids love her dance classes because they’re so much fun and filled with tremendous dance moves.  When you watch her classes perform, you can see the kids have not only learned the moves, but have mastered them.  They move with the kind of confidence and joy we’re hoping to instill in every student here.  Lindsay also runs the Cambridge Youth Commission (CYC) in Patrician Hall, another invaluable after-school resource for kids and parents in Cambridge.  So Lindsay’s working with us to build partnerships with CYC, letting us bring workshops there in karate and fencing, helping us reach and serve even more Cambridge kids.   Here’s to Lindsay!


What do you do at Hubbard Hall?

I’m a dance instructor (creative movement, ballet, tap, hip hop).


What are your biggest challenges at Hubbard Hall?

Time! There are so many classes I’d love to teach but I only have so many hours in the day and Hubbard Hall offers so many classes/activities that the studio just isn’t available for me to teach 30 classes a week!


What else should people know about what you do?

My obvious goal is to teach my students to dance and to cultivate a love for the art. But I also want to make sure they know I care about them. I want to know who their favorite princess is, that their favorite color is purple, come see their school plays, watch them dance in their talent show, etc. My dance teachers growing up had a significant impact on my life and it is their model of caring about their students that I’m following.


What do you love most about Hubbard Hall?

I love that I am teaching kids in my community. They’re in classes with my sons or part of the CYC After School Rec Program. I see them at the school and walking around the Village. I know their parents. We’re new to the area and it’s the sense of community that we’ve found here that we were searching for.


What should someone who comes here to class, a performance or just to hang out know about Hubbard Hall?

Hubbard Hall has something for everyone.

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