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Feedback from the Community

By March 1, 2019No Comments

I’m so gratified with community responses to this new experiment for us here at Hubbard Hall.  I wanted to take a moment to share one the notes I received this week that meant so much to me:

Hello David,
I just spent the last 1 1/2 hours looking thru your BLOG.! Something I never never had time for when I was working full time as an RN!. Now newly retired since July I can explore in new directions.

I loved it!. I didn’t remember that you had come to us from DC. What a shift that must have been! Thank-you for coming. You have brought so much to Hubbard Hall. I was fondly remembering Madame Butterfly and the Spelling Bee play. My granddaughters and I loved it so much we wanted to watch it all over again right then and there!!! Then there was that play The Audacity of Autumn – VERY powerfully done. That one affected me deeply. And the one that you recently was in….I could go on and on.  I learned tons of things in your blog. From the Soviet officer who stopped WW III to the Newseum ( which I regret not knowing about and never seeing).

I plan to get to Mass MoCA To see Titus Kaphur’s painting ( of Sally & Tom) Language of the Forgotten. I’ve read about their relationship. I then explored about him and his other paintings. I found one I’d like to own ( at least a print !!) ( Didn’t you just love Spike Lee’s Oscar speech!!) We’ve come a long way but I don’t know as we were ever great. Our roots were too shallow.
I hope to met Luwama at the next storytelling event. Almost made it last Thursday but started to feel like I was coming down with something. I enjoy being around young people. Their enthusiasm is inspiring and hopeful.
Well thanks again for taking the time to create this thing we call a BLOG!

Warmly, Linda Jean Ledek

Thank you, Linda Jean!   The hope is for this blog to be a real conversation across our community, so feel free to post comments or email me directly.

Thanks!   David



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