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Mickey by Barbara Hageman Sarvis

By July 3, 2019July 5th, 20192 Comments

This is Mickey.  Mickey is a beloved fixture in our village.  He’s always on the perimeters, in the corners, watching – and sometimes saying hello.  He haunts spaces with his piercing but kind eyes – and walks the village from end to end.  He has seen and sees a lot.  I bought this piece last month as a means of celebrating my first five years at Hubbard Hall.  It’s a compelling portrait – and reminds me of the ability of art to reveal the beauty and power of the everyday.  Barbara shows us Mickey’s kindness and wisdom – and the moon over Mickey’s nights as he watches over us.


  • Star Emerson says:

    My grandson and I were admiring this awhile back. Very nice, love it.

  • Linda Jean Ledek says:

    I was very taken by this portrait of Micky. Well done Barbara. You are fortunate to have it David!. Whenever I pass Mickey on the street I say hello or wave and smile. Sometimes he just observes me, other times there is a hint of a smile about his mouth or his eyes. It’s good to try and connect.

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