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Nurturing Nature

By April 17, 2019April 18th, 2019No Comments

This is a photo of a Nature Walk near Harrisburg, PA.  Notice the truck distribution center just across the water.  Given most of the farmland around Harrisburg has been divvied up among developers, completely clear or clean land is hard to find.

Which makes all the work our Cambridge Community Gardeners do all the more important.  Teaching students each year the magic of planting, nurturing and harvesting nourishing food in a robust garden is such a gift.  In 2014 the Cambridge Community Garden became a part of Hubbard Hall, bolstering our ability to “make art and community happen” in even more tangible ways.  Bliss McIntosh leads the garden with grace and verve, roping in youth and adults who otherwise might never experience the joy of nurturing nature.

We’re reminded how lucky we are to live and work somewhere so very green.  We wish everyone had this gift, even for a little while.   If you’re curious, you should come visit us in Cambridge, NY for a weekend.   There’s a motel, a couple restaurants, a microbrewery, a community garden and an arts center with performances almost every weekend, usually several per weekend.   When we moved here from Washington, DC five years ago, we didn’t yet know how lucky we were.

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