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Staff Feature: The Marvelous Musical Maureen Cossey

By April 24, 2019No Comments

Here’s another amazing member of our staff. There are so many great people who make up Hubbard Hall and I hope you’ll enjoy meeting them each week.

Almost two years ago we announced we would do a new version of The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Rupert Holmes in the fall.  It was going to be a massive show, and an important one, for us, with the Tony Award winning Rupert Holmes actually working on the show, to rewrite it and set it at Hubbard Hall in the 1880’s.  Shortly after we announced, our production manager shared that she was moving to Boston, so suddenly we had no stage manager.  That’s when I really met Maureen (Moe) Cossey.  She had been stage managing our dance showcase for years and working with the Cambridge Drama Club, but it wasn’t until she stage managed Drood that she and I worked together.   It was then that I learned what many people already knew here – that Moe is one of Cambridge’s Best Kept Secrets.  She’s a worker, as the Irish say.  She works hard and works smart.  She’s always willing to go the extra mile to get a project, or a show, up on its feet.  And coupled with her work ethic is her huge heart.  Moe cares.  She cares about students, artists, colleagues.  She’s willing to lean in because she knows it’ll help someone else.  She plays piano, musical directs, designs lighting, stage manages, whatever.  The photo above shows her light plot for our recent production of Annie, done by her.  When she’s not at the Hall, she’s often at a keyboard in one of our many churches, playing away, for services, funerals, weddings, any time she’s needed. 

She’s a valued member of our team and our community.  We could not do what we do without her. 

Who are you?   I am a Cambridge native, musician and teacher.

What do you do at HH?

I dabble in a bit of everything! I stage manage mainstage shows and recitals and I music direct and accompany CCS’s Drama Club’s cabarets.I obtain props for shows, manage production schedules and run rehearsals. I build and run lights and sound for shows that require them. I also teach music to the CCS Drama Club for their cabarets, and accompany them for shows.

What are your biggest challenges at HH?

Walking up all those stairs all the time! Ha! My challenges have to do with the fact that I am allowed and able to do so many things at HH, that limiting myself is hard sometimes. When  I am in Music Director mode, I struggle to let go of Stage Manager mode. It’s a good challenge for me though, delegation and focus on the job at hand will continue to be something I will work on.

What else should people know about what you do?

Many people in Cambridge know me as exclusively a musician, and at Hubbard Hall, I do so much more. I stage manage, I build and run light cues for the shows, and much more! Stage Managing is such a complex and diverse job. It has been so interesting to learn the ins and outs of this job.

What do you love most about HH?

I love being able to learn new things every day in a supportive, friendly environment; surrounded by multi-talented people who are passionate about their crafts, whatever they may be. I love that Hubbard Hall consistently demonstrates its commitment to arts education by offering a wide range of classes in every genre of art.  I love the people here. I am always amazed at the talent that we have here in this organization and in our community.

What should someone who comes here to class, a performance or just to hang out know about Hubbard Hall?

Hubbard Hall has so much to offer! The people here are experts in their crafts, and are giving the community the chance to diversify their own skills, whether that be through learning karate, painting, dance or music. There is so much to try!  

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