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Staff Profile: Savvy, Smart and Heartfelt Colleen Viera

By April 3, 2019No Comments

I’m planning to highlight teaching artists, staff members, artists and students who work with us at Hubbard Hall at least weekly. There are so many great people who make up Hubbard Hall and I hope you’ll enjoy meeting them each week.

Colleen Viera started working at Hubbard Hall as a part-time substitute bookkeeper a few years ago. When the chance to hire her as our Program Associate happened last year, I jumped at it. Colleen is one of the smartest, most heartfelt and committed individuals in Cambridge. She’s moved here purposefully, starting a family here and stands committed to making life in Cambridge even better, for herself and her family – but even more importantly, for everyone else. She always brings great ideas to the table on how we can serve our community better – and she always keeps an eye and ear out to ensure we’re caring for others and fulfilling people’s needs with grace and honor. I’m so thrilled she’s here, as I know our community is.

Who are you?
a mother, a teacher’s wife,  a fiber enthusiast, a creator,  a friend, and a neighbor    

What do you do at HH?
I work as the Program Associate, but I also volunteer and attend Hubbard Hall events/performances, and take yoga and Irish dance classes. 

What are your biggest challenges at HH?
Planning ahead. Before I took the job at Hubbard Hall, I had just become a new mother and balancing my new life was challenging enough, I lived my life a few hours at a time, think this made me really flexible and ready for anything, not at all the reality that I was very scatter-brained. Planning classes, schedules and events has brought organization and methodology to my life in a most unexpected and welcomed way! 

What else should people know about what you do?
That I really care about my job, the teachers and students here, and the greater community as well. This area is my home, and the place that my husband and I have chosen to live and to raise our daughter; and I hope that the thought, consideration, and positive energy I bring to Hubbard Hall contributes to the lives and experiences of others in our area.

What do you love most about HH?
The sense of community and belonging

What should someone who comes here to class, a performance or just to hang out know about Hubbard Hall?
There is so much to do, to try, to create, to experience, to teach. It goes on and on. Hubbard Hall is limitless! 

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