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A Poem by Lulwama Mulalu about Hubbard Hall

I’ve asked several members of the Hubbard Hall community to write guest posts towards this blog.  In response, our Fellow Lulwama Mulalu wrote this amazing poem.  I find it incredibly insightful, beautiful, moving.  It speaks to the power of this place, these people, this process.  Enjoy.

there is a palpable magic that lives here
it moves soft footed through the old wooden walls
and it is the window through which
sunlight spills into our souls to grow hope
hope is the deep breath that invites love
and love is how we tether ourselves to one another
this is what it means to connect
this is what it means to build community


i am hubbard hall and hubbard hall is me


art is transformative in its being
it is the portal that opens our heart
doors to all that is incandescent and impossible
it paints a universe of full of honourable belonging
art teaches our imagination to be a divine
and free winged creature that welcomes us home
home is the songs we sing to celebrate the
joys of finding our place
there is always a space for the lost
and for eyes in need of restoration


you are hubbard hall and hubbard hall is you


this is fertile ground for the expanding of horizons
let’s use our palm lines as a lasso and reign in our dreams
you’ve got the whole wide world right in the palms
of your hungry hands there kid
so dance with passion every single chance you get
sing loud to the breeze and watch it wrap you with light
paint yourself a new wild moon to orbit around
your untamed smile
the stage has always been yours
there is a palpable magic that lives here
and it nestles itself in the chests of everyone that walks in


we are hubbard hall and hubbard hall is us


this is a home that invites the history of all hearts



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