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Pianos on the Street

By January 15, 2021No Comments

In the summer of 2019, I made a trek to Lancaster, PA, just to see the town. I lived part of my life near there and knew that Jean Stapleton (of All in the Family fame) spent much of her acting career at the nearby Totem Pole Playhouse. But I had never been to the downtown. I found an amazing daily market with a glorious variety of foods, and beautiful streets to wander. What struck me most about Lancaster were these pianos placed randomly throughout the downtown. Open and ready to be played. Some were colorfully painted. Most were simple. But they all invited any of us to stop and plunk out some music, whenever the mood struck. One man played glorious ragtime as I walked past. Most were alone. But I loved the spirit and the democratic impulse to simply offer beautiful instruments freely and see what happens. It was a beautiful gesture of trust and inspiration. Post-COVID, I hope more towns and villages will wear the arts on their sleeves so elegantly.

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