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What the Constitution Means to Me

By January 13, 2021No Comments

Way back in the summer of 2019, I was able to see Heidi Schreck’s play What the Constitution Means to Me on Broadway. It was funny and moving, with her experiences as a student debater, her love of the Constitution, and her right to choose serving as the tentpoles of her story. When I saw that Amazon had bought the rights to the piece and planned to stream it online, I was skeptical. Live theatre doesn’t often translate to the screen and this piece was short on visuals and long on talking. It seemed like a formula for failure. But then I got a chance to watch it. Rather than undercut the piece, the video’s ability to create close ups on Ms. Schreck, her co-star Mike Iveson, the student debaters and even the audience members seemed to deepen the intimacy and emotions of the play. It’s a powerful piece of theatre. If you have access to Amazon Prime, treat yourself to a piece of activist theatre that can make you laugh and move you to tears, sometimes in the same moment.

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