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My new book Managing Arts Organizations, is a handbook on everything from fundraising to programming in the professional arts, and published worldwide by Rowman & Littlefield publishers. I’m promoting the book with a series of expert panels, online discussions, speaking engagements, and posts here and on social media. To engage me as a speaker, panel facilitator or participant, or guest lecturer, please email

You can download a one-pager about the book here. You can watch an interview with me about the book here. You can learn about the upcoming panels I’m hosting with arts leaders throughout the country here.

The book is available now on Amazon, from Rowman & Littlefield , or from Cambridge, New York’s local bookstore Battenkill Books. Readers ordering through Battenkill Books will receive a signed copy.

Digital and Publicity for the book is by Pubvendo and the publicity contact there is Ashley Durrer at

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